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Thinking of applying to sell on Vendaz? We are always looking for new talented retailers, designers, crafter and creative businesses, so please do get in touch. Here are few questions, you are probably thinking of asking us, before you apply for your shop.

Who is Vendaz for?

We work with UK based artists, designers and craftspeople who are as passionate about handmade as we are.
Vendaz was originally launched in 2019 and from the beginning, the emphasis was on supporting creative businesses by providing them with a well-designed website for a fee that’s fair both for you as the creative business and for Vendaz to invest back to promoting the sellers via our website.
Vendaz is run by an experienced team, who fully understands the ups and downs of running a creative business, but also understands the changing nature of handmade world. We want to support small creative businesses not just by helping to sell their work, but also by offering practical advice and tips on how to best present their products and brand to ensure they stand out in a competitive marketplace.

Vendaz’s outward focus is our returning customer, visitor and any potential customer. Because of that, the way how our website and the products are presented is very important to us.

So we carefully select our sellers to compliment teach other and we base our decision on the quality, presentation and brand of each applicant. We want to offer the best we possibly can and try not to duplicate sellers with similar products, unless they are exceptionally good.

But that doesn’t mean that we only accept established businesses. If you are a talented craftsperson or designer who is just starting up, we would love to hear from you.

Can anyone join Vendaz?

The simple answer is: ‘No, not everyone!’

First of all, you need to be based in Uganda or East Africa. We don’t like to make unnecessary rules, but you do need to live in the East Africa and your products can be imports or locally produces.  Shopping local and supporting East Africa based businesses is our passion, so that’s what we like to champion to our customers.

Quality and a good selection of products across our platform is very important to us and that is why we review all seller’s applications before accepting them on to Vendaz.

Secondly, we select only the best applicants and we like to set our standards high. Here are a few clues to give you an idea what we base our decision on and this criteria applies to all sellers accounts on our platform.

  • Clear pictures
  • Imaginative products
  • Coherent product collection
  • Well designed and made products
  • Clear business brand
  • Professional presentation
  • Uganda or East Africa based
  • Handmade

You don’t need to be an established business or sell elsewhere. What’s more important is that you have a business vision and that you are committed to your creative business, whether that’s 5 hrs. a week or full time.

How does selling and buying on Vendaz actually work?

Once you become a member of Vendaz you will be sent via email your username and password details, where you can access your own shop to load, amend or delete products. From this admin area you will also be able to set up your Shop’s profile page, monitor traffic to both your shop front and individual products, receive and reply to enquiries from customers, check orders and invoices. You have total control over your products and can add and amend however often you wish. There is no limit on how many products you list in your shop. You can create your own discount codes, set up your own categories and have as many variations on individual products as you wish.

What does it cost to have a shop on Vendaz?

There is no setup fee or listing fee to join Vendaz. The only charge is 0% commission paid on any sold item (not including postage or packaging).

How do I open a shop on Vendaz?

Opening a show on Vendaz is simple, just complete this quick online form and click to send. We’ll review your shop application within 24 hrs and you’ll get your login and welcome e-mail with step by step instructions on how to set up your shop.

Can I have more than one shop on Vendaz?

Yes, you can. You’ll need a separate e-mail to set up your shop to do this and apply again through the main website.

What if you don’t have a category for my product?

If we don’t have a category suitable for your product, just get in touch via our contact form and tell us what type of category would suit your product and we’ll see how we can add it for you.

How do I get paid?

The payment method is quite simple. When a customer purchases something from your shop, you are paid the full amount directly into your own account. You will receive two emails – one from Vendaz with order details and one direct from our payment system informing you that the customer has paid. You then make and dispatch the product directly to the customer. If it is Cash On Delivery, the seller and the buyer deal with each other directly.

I have more questions, who do I contact?

Yes,of course, you are welcome to contact us directly through our contact form and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

Where can I see the full Terms & Conditions?

Yes,of course, here is all the small print! You can view our full terms and conditions here on this page.

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Don’t take it from use, let our sellers do the talking! We are competitive ans dedicated to both the customers and sellers.

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