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Welcome to the seller’s resource page!

Here you can find resources for selling handmade crafts online and all key links and resources which can also be accessed in your seller’s admin panel. For some of these links to work correctly, you’d need to be logged in to your seller’s shop account to view the content.

Seller’s Shop & Admin login

The direct login link is here >>, but you are now also able to login via ‘Sign in/Register’ tab in the right hand corner on the top of each page on our website. You can login using your given login details (the system will remember your registered e-mail address). This will log you into a general account, which can be used for purchasing items from the website, creating gift collections or wish lists of your favourite handmade gifts. Your admin panel can be then reached by clicking a tab ‘my shop’ next to the ‘Sign in/Register’ tab in the right hand corner.

Not registered, yet?

Not registered for your shop yet? We are always happy to welcome talented Uganda and East Africa based businesses  and you are welcome  to register your shop here >>.

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Don’t take it from use, let our sellers do the talking! We are competitive ans dedicated to both the customers and sellers.

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